Pre-School Cape Town.
Maria Montessori Pre-School.
13 Garrick Road, University Estate, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: 021 447 7547
Montessori School Southern Suburbs.


Dear Parents,

Welcome to our school. Please feel free to comment on what follows; your input is always appreciated.


School opens at 8.15 a.m. and closes at 2.00 p.m. sharp.

Please ensure that you drop your child by 9. It is difficult to greet and welcome a latecomer properly if I have begun presenting new material to an individual. The children tap me on the shoulder and wait if I am working with a peer….

If your child is ill or the roof has fallen in, please phone by 9. We can then plan to welcome a late comer or share the news of a sick child. Please drop me a note if there is any matter that may affect your child that day; it is so much easier for me to support your child if I know that a parent is going away or your child was still awake at 9….

If you find punctuality difficult, please aim to fetch your child well before 2. If you are unavoidably delayed, please let me know and a plan will be made. As most children live in the neighbourhood, there is usually at least one family who is able to take a visitor home until the problem is solved. 

I leave every Monday evening free in order to meet with individual families. If you wish to discuss any matter, just give me a ring or leave me a note in the morning. Family meetings are always fun and valuable.


A parent meeting will be held twice a year. I shall discuss the environment in general and present some material. The floor is then open to any questions or observations.


You shall receive a comprehensive report in the last term of the year. Mid-year reports are written on request.

I shall also write daily observation notes on individual children, when I am free to do so. These notes are observations in the strictest sense; I name the activities your child chooses and when they begin each one. Do let me know if you are feeling a bit in the dark around what your child does every day, and I shall write observations of your child at the earliest opportunity.


Children are taught, in groups, how to express emotions verbally at school. These presentations include how to ask, how to wait, how to apologise, how to express frustration etc. Before long, children are reminded and helped by their peers. I am then only required if someone is not managing to listen.

This essential education is much easier for children if they do not receive mixed messages from T.V. or corporal punishment at home.

No weapons or “playing” with guns happens at school. We explore ways of expressing emotions verbally and solving conflict in matter of fact, non-judgemental ways. Children become emotionally literate remarkably quickly and easily. It is moving to see the dignity with which children express anger and learn to listen to the feelings of their peers. Creative and respectful solutions are found, for the most part, without adult intervention.

This environment is free from all junk food. Junk food includes all refined sugar, sweets and chips, additives, preservatives, colourants, sweeteners…and so on. In addition, we have recently begun to exclude dairy products and wheat from lunch and snack, as many children continue to react to these.

If you wish to peruse through recipes that are wheat, sugar and dairy free – do speak with me.

Please ensure that your child has eaten a wholesome breakfast before school begins.


Your child requires a bag they can open, close and hang up independently. Please include a spare set of clothing if necessary. Do sunblock your child before school every day and ensure that they have sunblock in their bags in case they play in water during the day. Please encourage your child to do what they are capable of doing when s/he arrives and please leave medicines and instructions on the counter.


The termly fee has been broken down into monthly installments, at the request of parents. Full fees are due on or before the first of each month and a post-dated cheque is required if the 1st falls on a weekend or during the holidays. Fees increase by 10 percent each July.

One full term’s notice is required if your child is to leave the school.

A deposit of one term’s fees is required when your child is enrolled. Two thirds of this will be refunded when your child leaves; the remaining third will be used to purchase materials.


Our art cupboard is filled with all manner of precious things the children bring from home. Thanks to all who avail us of containers, loo rolls, plain paper, feathers, flowers, tubes and so on.

Please include us in your cultural activities. Children are so interested in ritual (and so much is so yummy to eat!) that is a time for thanksgiving, recognition or contemplation. We can avoid fundamentalism early on, through our interest in diversity.


Each family shall have a weekly turn to prepare lunch for the class of children and myself (every second term or so) or keep us in nuts and raisins, fruit, lavender essence or ferrum phos.

I have yet to see a system that works better. Each child is so pleased with the delicious and healthy food they have brought. We discuss the matter fully; shopping, cooking, nutrients and recognition of the labour of all involved.

The basis of each vegetarian meal is a whole grain and three different coloured vegetables. Do invite the co-operation of your child and have fun! We eat extremely well. Thanks for making this such an enjoyable part of our day.

We have recently cut out all dairy and wheat products – thanks to all for the creative and delicious meals we have enjoyed since the change was introduced.


A small pillow and blanket if your child sleeps after lunch
A china bowl and child sized knife, fork and spoon
A packet of unsalted nuts, a packet of raisins, a box of tissues and a roll of toilet paper
A book and/or a toy (except weapons) if you child chooses to bring a treasure from home


Nuts and raisins
A box of tissues
A roll of toilet paper
A packet of corn thins


We open the day after and close the day before the Western Cape Term dates.

Thank you for your support.

Jenny Mason B.A (Hons); A.M.I. Diploma (London); Mother of Matthew and Siphosethu.

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